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Help with script! Need to create super awesome new bad guy!

2012.10.02 07:57 snow_56767 Help with script! Need to create super awesome new bad guy!

Hey guys, I am building an AdventureCraft map that will eventually be released into the big scary world. I am having some issues with a custom mob that I am creating, it is a spider sentry turret guy. He is nothing more than a spider with high health and a back mounted turret. I have run into some snags though. I am finding either Cryect didn't implement these functions completely or I'm JavaScript retarded and that I can't seem to make certain things work! For instance, I have a script block which will act like a mob spawner, spawning the spider sentry, and then using the onUpdate script, will control him (to an extent) but I keep getting this error: JavaScript Error: ReferenceError: "spidreep" is not defined. The script it is complaining about looks like so: spidreep.update();
and it is defined in the onTrigger script as such: spidreep = new Sentry(xCoord, yCoord, zCoord);
I can't figure out why it is complaining!
If you want to see/play the map in it's current state, you can go here for a download link:
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